How Your Chakras Link with Your Physical Health; 3 Key Points


It is important to understand that your chakra energy is not independent of your health and wellbeing it is an integral part of it. It may not be the cause of any illness and predicament directly itself but ill health, disease and discomfort on a physical, mental or emotional level can be seen or felt in the energy field that surrounds the human body.

1. The term we widely use is the aura to describe this energy field that we all have around us and many people are familiar with that. If you take it to a slightly deeper level you will discover that the aura although a fluid and flowing phenomenon does have a structure within it.

By structure I do not mean anything fixed and rigid but there are certain component parts, often called layers that come together to make up the aura as a whole. At the very central core of these layers lie seven energy centers, the Chakras. The layers are not sitting uniformly one on top of the other; oh no it is far more complex than that! They all interconnect and flow into each other; it’s more like a 3D matrix affect.

2. The Chakras take in energy and they expel it out as well. Where does all this energy come from? Well there is the energy all around us that permeates everything, the Universal Energy. As well as that, every individual thing has its’ own unique energy or frequency too – from the mountains to a blade of grass.

Every individual has their own energy rate or frequency; you pick up on these frequencies whether you are consciously aware of it or not every second of every day.

Every organ in the body has a different resonance, so does every illness, your words and even your thoughts have a unique energy too. This is vitally important as your repeated patterns of thoughts and behaviours can determine so much of your own experience of life.

3. The Chakra Energy Centers each relate to specific areas, functions and aspects of the human body. Whichever Chakra Center is weakest will usually be the area that will first be implicated or affected by ill health or dysfunction.

This relates to illness or ill health as having a psychosomatic symptom or cause. This translates to there being an underlying mental or emotional cause to an illness or disorder. Of course the majority of the time we are totally unaware or not conscious of, the offending thought or emotion. After all we would not want to consciously make ourselves ill!

Most of the thoughts, emotions and behaviour patterns that can cause problems are neatly ‘stored away’ in your subconscious mind. They can be made more visible to you though, especially when you take a closer look at your energy and specifically the Chakra energy as by their very function and nature they each affect certain areas and attributes of the human body and psyche.

I believe that the Chakra Energy relates directly to the Core of your Human Spirit. This is you, your Authentic Self and it tries to get you to speak, behave and live in ways that are congruent with you in your very best aspect. In my words, living the best life you can – on purpose and with purpose.

Anything that pulls you away from that Core Truth, Core Strength, Core You will have an effect on your energy which will reveal itself at some point either in physical form or in your life situations and circumstance.

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  1. Ken says:

    Very Good clear writing Davina , ,
    I have an idea of what creates the energy of the Aura , , ,
    cell to cell radio communication throughout the body . The cells and organs are ‘ talking ‘ much as we now communicate with hand phones . (Although I suspect it is more meaningful than most cell phone conversations . , , , , )
    The depth of communication can easily be visualized if you think about the dramatic co-ordination that happens when the body is injured and the rebuilding supplies and procedures arrive in record time . Intelligence and rapid communication at a cellular level , ,, operating also without the involvement of the brain . The colors and intensity of the visible aspects of this energy are what makes the ability to see the aura of great benefit to healing . Like the diagnostic scanning of MRI , X ray , etc. only this is more like hearing the Conversations of the Cells .

  2. Kumal Tiwana says:

    My 12 year old daughter suffers from constant nausea, she’s quite a chaotic character and I get a feeling she needs all her chakras balancing. Which chakra would be responsible for this imbalance?

  3. davina says:

    Hi. My first instinct is The solar plexus would be my main centre of focus – although you are quite right that her entire system would need balancing. When she sleeps at night, you could work with her energy to help bring stability and calm, there is a simple process of stroking the aura which you can visualise or physically do. As a parent it can be nice to hold your hands a few inches from her body and make gentle sweeping movements to smooth and calm her energy- almost like stroking a dog. Hold the intention of calming in your thoughts and love in your heart as you do this and you should find this to be beneficial for you both.

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