As with any aura colour there are different shades and aspects and with those different aspects come different characteristics and traits. Here I outline some of the most common attributes that accompany the blue aura.

Blue in the aura tends to denote a sensitive soul and usually a sense of calm, peace and balance. These people usually find themselves in the caring profession – either as nurses and healers directly or as mothers, child care workers, or striving for the good of humanity on a larger scale.

Blue often suggests that the person determines their life very much by how they feel, they can come across as quite emotional and easily moved to tears. They may often find themselves involved in other peoples’ emotions and can sometimes seem to get ‘swallowed’ up by it all.

Blue souls tend to be very generous with their time and their caring ,love and emotions, this might be a little overbearing for other family members though. It can be difficult for the Blue personality to say no to demands and they can find themselves quietly reluctant about being taken for granted. It can be a challenge for Blues to feel loved and safe, as they may not feel that they are loved in the same, demonstrative way that they themselves show love.

These people tend to like to talk and are often found in positions where a loyal, level head is required especially in professions that require excellent listening and communication skills – such as therapists, counsellors, even secretaries!

Blues, may enjoy milder forms of exercise, a gentle stroll or swim but are not usually very competitive or interested in high impact sports – they can even be more prone to gaining weight than some of the other aura colours.

The Blue personality has a strong sense of family, of family loyalty and bonding, so they are often the one that gets the family together or tries to keep the peace and mend rifts etc. They have to be careful in the peacekeeper role as it is very easy for them to become overwhelmed or misunderstood by those close to them. It is not too far for the blue person to fall into the well meaning victim – who was” only trying to help”.

It is very important that Blues allow their feelings and emotions to flow, to talk them out or do whatever feels right for them – it may be acting, singing or writing in a journal or diary, the flow and ebb of such powerful forces is vital to maintaining health. Otherwise they can be prone to feeling blocked, unloved and even bullied, resulting in them withdrawing from the very people they love and even feeling a little low or depressed.

The Blue personality tends to be, if not outwardly religious, very conscious of their spiritual nature and will usually have a strong belief in a higher power or a Divine Order of things. They have a strong sense of honesty and justice and don’t tend to be the sort to break rules and push boundaries. Their challenge may be to welcome change a little more and to dip their toe more frequently outside of their comfort zone!

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  1. lisa says:

    Wanted to share my daughter read me today as having a Blue aura… this description fits me too a tee,funny enough it was so strong today after having felt early this morning as being taken for granted and misunderstood. Awesome info thanks!

  2. lopi says:

    i have known i had a blue aura, was told in a dream long ago when i met a lady in my dream. this truely describes me and i never understood what “blue” ment. now i do, and i take my dreams more seriously now. i believe in dream journeys or ekincar, but never thought too much about it. perhaps i should focus more about what the spirits are telling me instead of omitting them as if they are just dreams.

  3. Kylee says:

    This fits me all the way. I’m a medical assistant and I love to take care of people. The feeling that say blue auras feel are as if I wrote this. Thank you.

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