Chakra Colours & Their Personalities

The Chakra Colours Mirror the Colors of the Rainbow.

You have seven main Chakra or energy centres that run the length of the spine. Each one of those centres relates to you on various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. What is particularly interesting is the different personality traits that can be seen and recognized within the Chakras and the colours themselves.

Let’s look at just the Lower Chakras here; The Base Chakra, The Sacral Chakra and then the Solar Plexus or Third Chakra. As with all of the Chakras and the Aura as a whole there are different meanings for different shades and consistencies of colour. For our purposes here I will keep things simple and highlight just a few of the most common attributes – good and bad!

The Base Or Root Chakra Colour Red


Root Chakra

Root Chakra

* Red is a colour that denotes physical activity, so you may be actively interested in sports, keep fit or simply like to look after your body and appearance. You can be quite direct and driven – seen as a ‘go getter’.

* The red shows you can be very passionate about your personal interests and relationships. You may be prone to speaking very directly and sometimes loudly, even to the extent of angry outbursts.

* A dominant red color can suggest a rather impulsive and dynamic, success motivated nature. You thrive in fast paced, active environments.You usually enjoy challenge or stimulating events and situations – you like the adrenaline rush of succeeding and winning.

* The red personality type can be very good within the sales environment or positions that require you to meet targets and ‘have a thick skin’ you may be seen as more ‘driven’ than sensitive. You may even be regarded as impatient by your co workers. In fact you usually are quite independent in your thinking and actions.

* That is not to say you do not have ‘feelings’, rather if red is a dominant part of your personality that comes into play when at work or in your career , at home with loved ones a different side of the personality may be more apparent hence a different colour and chakra area would be involved.

* Red personalities can be very passionate lovers and a relationship with you would probably be far from boring!

* Out of balance the typical ‘red’ personality may be quite controlling or prone to regular angry outburst, constantly feeling stressed or agitated. In these circumstances you will have little patience with the people around you and feel like you are the only one who can get the job done. Severely out of balance then you may suffer symptoms of extreme exhaustion and fatigue.

The Sacral or Second Chakra Color Orange

The Sacral Chakra is all about your creativity and your emotions. It includes your appetite and how you think and feel about things. When you expand this with the attributes of the colour orange itself, you will find the following potential personality characteristics.

sacral chakra

Sacral Chakra

* You may have an adventurous nature and will enjoy thrill seeking activities, it is not enough just to exercise, you want it to be exciting too.

* You may show strong tendencies of being very analytical and if out of balance you can be very fixed and rigid in your routines. Often we are not so good at spotting our own symptoms of imbalance but can easily see those traits in others.

* The orange personality likes to be in their own authority and has the capabilities to do so – they make good organizers, entrepreneurs and may be found in business positions. They may be a bit of a ‘rule breaker’ rather than wishing to conform to how society would like them to behave – they will push boundaries when the time suits.

* In relationships they will appreciate time on their own or pursuing their individual interests. They may enjoy a relationship but they won’t necessarily have a need for one.

The Third Chakra, The Solar Plexus and The Yellow Personality

The Solar Plexus encompasses the personality traits of the colour yellow. This bright sunshine colour can denote a radiant personality, one that people are naturally attracted to.

* The yellow personality tends to have a playful nature, they have an attractive childlike quality – that is not to say childish – but they seem to have an appealing sense of wonder and enjoyment about them.Usually they have a good and active sense of humor and a bright intellect too.

* If you have a strong yellow personality you can get very animated and excited by projects but you have a tendency to take on too many at once and may then find it difficult to finish them.

* These people are often very sensitive, sometimes seeming psychic or having a very good gut instinct. People are attracted to them yet they often like to have their own space, they may have many acquaintances but not that many people they would count on as friends themselves.

* Yellow personalities can be found in many areas professionally as they can turn their hand to most things.They use their own initiative a lot and have what we would term as good common sense.

* Out of balance they may struggle with setting and maintaining boundaries and may find themselves drawn to a controlling partner or conversely becoming dominant themselves.

* The sort of exercise that appeals to them has to be fun – so cycling or jogging or a team sport they love. As they mature the yellow personality may find themselves drawn to slower exercise like Tai Chi – this appeals to their kinaesthetic and sensitive nature.

solar plexus

Solar Plexus

All of the chakra colors have both positive and negative aspects and attributes just as our personalities do. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, you will be calling on a different area of your energy system, a different chakra and a different colour.

Obviously the ideal situation is to be in balance but most of us do not live lives where that is possible. So at any given time the colours we display may be bright, vibrant, dark dull or patchy or any combination of those. In such instances we would notice the more negative attributes of the colour personality. By negative I do not mean it is ‘wrong’ in any way but merely use the word as a way of describing the possible range of emotions and traits that the chakra colours can reveal.

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