The energy centres or Chakras of the body are forever trying to regulate your energy, to maintain a degree of balance. For many different reasons, sometimes they can become out of balance or clogged and blocked.

It is of little or no use trying to ‘clear’ the Chakras once and forget all about them
, to be of real benefit ideally you would incorporate some kind of ‘energy’ work into your average week. Actually to a degree you already do, just you are probably not intentionally doing so!

One of the easiest ways to clear or balance the Chakras is to go for a treatment that deals specifically with the energy of the body; maybe a Reiki treatment or Shiatsu, Tai Chi is great for re-energising the Chakra energy as is yoga of course.

Often these can be a little difficult to fit into your busy schedule so many people like to have something they can do at home.One of the simplest things to do here is to listen to a recording that will guide you through a process of clearing, stabilising and re-energising your Chakra energy. All you have to do is lay back and listen!

Even listening to some restful music or experiencing deep relaxation can be very soothing and beneficial to your Chakras but it is even more powerful and useful when you use your mind and your intention to direct the healing, restorative powers of your own energy system.

You can guide yourself through the process if you feel inclined to do so; First of all you would ensure that you have somewhere warm and comfortable, where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the process.

It is best to have loose clothing and make sure you will be warm enough as your temperature can drop slightly when you are involved in some visualisation processes. Then you would begin by ‘grounding’ yourself and your energy, drawing down a protective light to fill your entire body and beyond, either sealing it around you like a shield or filling the entire room.

Once this feels good and you have a strong image you would begin by tuning into each individual Chakra, getting a sense of what can safely be released or allowed to move on. As any old stagnant energy is dispersed you would draw in new vibrant energy, often the colour of the specific Chakra to bring in new higher energy.

Personally at all times I like to ensure that the energy is perfect for the individual at this specific time, it is no good trying to fix a lifetime of ‘low energy’ or imbalance in one super charged session.

It is much more comfortable and sensible to work with your energy on a regular basis and you reap the benefits so much more. This way the positive effects have much more chance of staying, creating a long term energy enhancement rather than a short term boost.

7 chakras

Seven Chakras

This is particularly true of the Chakra energy as it is very much linked with your psychological aspect, your emotions and beliefs and these things rarely change overnight and it would not be wise to attempt to do so. It is a bit like changing a habit, working with your energy in an effective way is a positive habit to create and cultivate and one that you can enjoy immensely.

Once all of the Chakras have been balanced appropriately then the greater energy or aura surrounding the body may also require settling or balancing. Then it can be directed to stay in a harmonious state and you should allow time for this to settle before continuing with your day.

Some people like to reverse the grounding process they did at the beginning of the session and may keep their protective shield around them.

The important thing with energy work is that it feels safe and right for you. You need to be confident and relax in the process to get the most out of it, so it is often much simpler to be guided by a professional recording.

The energy within your aura attracts on a like for like basis, so there is no point in hoping to achieve a state of balance and calm if you are unsure of the process and are worried about what to do next. Your concerns about the structure of the process can only get in the way of what you are trying to achieve.

When you can settle back and relax, feeling safe and protected you effectively remove the first stumbling blocks that many people find themselves falling over.

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