Green Aura Colour

So you have a Green Aura colour? Do you feel that for yourself, have you seen a representation of it in some way – either a drawing or photograph? Maybe someone told you that is the colour they see around you. Regardless of how you know you have a green aura – it is not of much use to you unless you know what that means right?

As with anything to do with the aura it can reveal so much about you. The core colour you display most of the time (not just occasionally) would denote your core personality – just as we have core characteristics so do we have core or base aura colours.

At any time we bring different parts of our personality into play and therefore we would display different colours. You bring different aspects of your personality to work, to how you are when playing with your children or to relaxing at home. As with any colours there are positive characteristics and also the not so positive yet very real potentials we all have. The shade, tone and vibrancy of the colour all add up to hint at just what is really going on for the person. This is true for the colours of the aura and the chakra colours too.

A green aura colour can indicate many things and here I highlight just a few of the more common, positive traits and personality characteristics that usually accompany it. You can read more in “The Green Aura – The Meaning of the Green Aura Colour”.

There are subtle differences between the bright green aura and the dark green aura.

The green aura has a wholesome and organic feel to it. It is very much attuned to Mother Nature herself – and a natural appreciation for the cycles and rhythms of life. Probably more so than any other colour it strives for balance and harmony and that will reflect in the person’s life.

The green aura personality tends to be a nature lover and enjoys being surrounded by organic life whether that is plants or animals – either or both will be relatively important to them. More than that the green personality seems to know that such things positively feed them and they would want to make sure that they figured in their life to quite a degree. For example they may live in the countryside or close to the sea with wonderful views that they actively breathe in and enjoy.

They may have several pets or lavish great attention on one special one. They may have a beautiful garden or take huge care over their plants in the greenhouse or the window box.

They may even work with nature or outdoors but not in a physical toil sort of way more in an appreciative, enjoying the ambiance sort of way. It’s certainly not because they ‘have to’ but because they want to.Green Fields
They tend to enjoy getting outdoors and will usually have a good balanced approach to life, knowing that physical exercise and taking care of themselves is important to be able to enjoy life. And they do want to enjoy life; they have a good eye and tend to like things to really please them – whether that is on a simple level or even a material level.

They can enjoy quite a good standard of living and may have a taste for the finer things in life. Not so much out of extravagance but out of appreciation of self worth and nurturing the people that matter to them – and that includes them too – on a good wholesome level.

These people tend to make good loyal, open friends, they speak and act from the heart and can be found in all sorts of positions at work – they make good managers and are people oriented – they make good teachers, therapists and healers. They like people and make good communicators – other people like to listen to them because at some level they know that what is said truly comes from the heart.

The green personality tend to want and actively strives for a sense of balance in their life – in just about all areas – and they are fair and balanced in the way they conduct themselves – whether in a relationship at home , at work or socially.

They like life to flow and are aware of the need to not be too fixed or rigid in life – they understand the bigger picture and that change is inevitable. They tend to be very quick minded and can usually be called upon for some good common sense advice.

As a result of understanding or appreciating change they can be quite goal orientated- they have a purpose and destination in mind- all the while wanting to feel good about it and to enjoy the process – hence the tendency to speak and act fairly and compassionately so that their conscience is clear and not gnawing away at their insides.

The aura is a fluid template that is constantly reflecting back to us our innermost thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams. It is all that you are, have been and want to be. It is not something we have no control over and I sincerely hope you delve deeper into the subject as it opens so many doorways. Well at least it has for me.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    So if the aura is reflective when we are mad,sad oe emotional, does it change? Or is it static for the most part?

  2. davina says:

    Hi – yes it certainly does change, depending on the emotions you feel; anger or passion adds heat and sadness or grief can show as diminished vibrancy even what looks like holes, energy draining away in effect.

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