The Red Aura

The colour red tends to show up in the aura more often in younger people. It is a colour of energy, dynamism, action and passion. It has potential positive and negative attributes, as does every other colour. The colours of the aura reflect our personalities and how we feel at any particular time. They can also be affected by ill health or feeling mentally or emotionally low.

Here I concentrate on a few of the more common characteristics of the red aura – a few good and bad! The red I describe here, is the brighter, more vibrant shade as there is a deeper shade of red that corresponds more with mature individuals who tend to spend a lot of their time in hard, physical and practical and manual jobs and pastimes.

So What Does It Mean To Be Red?

Well a bright vibrant shade of red in the aura, if it displays as the core or more dominant colour would denote the following:

A person with high energy, an active person, feeling quite high and vibrant, full of life. These people do not tend to be passive onlookers – no these are the action takers, the sports men and women. They will be interested in and more than likely take part in a wide variety of sports or exercise, they may even work with the sports or exercise field as a career.

They have a strong will power and a very “can do” attitude – not just to sports but to life in general. These people tend to have a very practical nature as they are do-ers. They are very capable people. They enjoy new experiences and the odd bout of competition or danger is very appealing to them.

They tend to be very sociable, enjoying people, social events and occasions. They can often be the centre of attention in their social groups and are often leaders in the workplace. They have a very success driven mentality.

They are forever on the go and would find it hard to sit still for any length of time. Consequently they may have found school difficult as they would not want to sit for such long periods and may well have been disruptive to the class and subsequently found themselves in trouble quite regularly throughout their school years. They make good entrepreneurs as they can be quite driven but also quite unique in their way of thinking.

The down side can be that sometimes they get overtaken by their desire to succeed or to win. They could easily slip into being a little arrogant or bossy – even controlling. This is more because they think everyone should act and live at their pace and they would find it hard to tolerate anything less long-term. They can come across as impatient and almost intimidating at times.

Red is very often associated with anger and most people new to aura colours and colour reading, get stuck on the whole anger issue. Yes anger is denoted by the colour red but it is not to be immediately associated as a negative.

Anger after all is precisely the energy we need at times to pull ourselves out of situations and to resolve what is ultimately not right for us. Anger is only negative if it is not channelled or dealt with appropriately. This would be something a red personality in their positive aspect could very easily do. Anger, in its more negative aspect is more likely to be seen as a dark or muddy red, it may even feel hot! (Aura reading is not solely about the colours themselves but also about the feelings, sensations and images that come to mind as you interpret the colour).

Don’t let the mention of anger give you the wrong impression as these people can also be quite sensitive – though they would never admit to it. Some of this inability to openly express their feelings and emotions is why they need to find positive ways that work for them as individuals to release any pent up feelings. Because they are not tangible, feelings and emotions etc can be hard for them to deal with. The physical body they can control and look after, the mental emotional aspect of themselves is not so easy for them.

The other commonly associated characteristic with red in the aura is sex and passion. Red naturally aligns to your Base or Root Chakra and that area is all about your need for security and for survival. It is directly associated with the external sexual organs, so it often does denote a passionate nature. Or at least a time of high passion, excitement and adventure.

The red personality does tend to appreciate their physical body, so they will usually have a good physical shape and will look after their appearance. In a way part of their personal power comes from how good they look and feel – giving them an air of confidence and attitude. A big part of feeling good will come from enjoying their body, so they can have a strong sexual appetite. In its positive aspect this can mean they enjoy good physical closeness with their partner, out of balance it may mean they can easily be drawn to more risky sexual encounters.

The person with red in the aura, will enjoy their own independence and have an optimistic outlook on life. They are interested in life and want to enjoy it. Out of balance they may suffer periods of feeling extremely exhausted and may be prone to high stress and tension. They can become very frustrated and may even want to hit out at times. They need physical freedom and a way to release any tension they hold on to. A red that does not keep moving can easily store emotional energy and tension and will need positive ways to release that to prevent them from boiling over!

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  1. Nicky says:

    I really agree with this red reading. I had mine done today. mostly red very striking! gave me a bit of a shock how much red there was.With gold halo about 8 apparent guides over the top. I am a higher energy person. and look after body fairly well.

    thankyou for your in depth wording.

  2. Jaymitch says:

    I took a quiz and I got a red aura I read on and at first I got a black aura some of this is not me and a lot of the black is me so I guess I’m the mix of the 2 ???

  3. davina says:

    Yeh, we can have several colours within the aura – I rarely see a black aura as such; that tends to denote more where energy is being given out or drained away. You might recognise your personality traits in “How to Read Auras” – you can borrow it for free from Kindle if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

  4. Minna says:

    Had my aura photographed at a Fair today & was surprised at how strongly and decidedly and evenly red it was! I’m very aware that I currently really am both having, activating and using (recycling) a LOT of life force – and it was quite amazing to see it captured like it was. We got a short interpretation to go with the picture, and (although already a bit familiar with chakras & colours & the lot) I googled around a bit to fill out some more on the info – in all honesty’s name I was looking til I found a more dynamic/balanced/deiverse description of especially the anger bit. Some of the phrases used above make perfect sense to me, especially this : “They need physical freedom and a way to release any tension they hold on to. A red that does not keep moving can easily store emotional energy and tension and will need positive ways to release that to prevent them from boiling over!” That is exactly how I feel, and having started painting studies (as in painting houses & such; hard, but not too! hard physical daily labour) in addition to the weekly Nia classes I teach, I really feel more balanced and happier, although my days are long and my income a student’s for a while. And yes, I am! an entrepreneur. Learning to embrace all it means – your site was very helpful in making my received information something empowering rather than challenging or defeating.Thank you.

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