Root Chakra Imbalance: 5 Symptoms

Every single one of the seven main Chakras has a potential effect on your physical body. The subtle energy travels within and around your entire system. Any weaker Chakra or energy center is the most likely area for you to first notice the physical symptoms of imbalance.

The Base or Root Chakra is a very important Chakra center. It has direct associations to your physical body, to your sense of survival and your basic needs and instincts. It encompasses your legs, feet, external sexual organs, as well as your blood.

To my mind it also includes the entire skeleton as it is about how you stand in this world, the form you take: the way you express that form in a physical manner in this world.

Many of the physical symptoms of the Base Chakra therefore will affect the physical frame, and the blood as well as the specific organs and regions of the body directly associated to it.

It is not only the color of blood that connects it to the Root Chakra but it is the vital source, keeping you alive, transporting nutrients and life force around your entire system. It is a core part of your survival and existence.

1. High Blood pressure (Hypertension)
– this indicates that despite whatever outward signals you may be showing, inwardly your body is finding it difficult to relax – even whilst resting. There is a part of you on ‘the lookout’. For whatever reason, your inner self cannot let go and relax, subsequently pressure is building up.

2. Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)– Your blood is the flow of life force in this world, a low blood pressure reading may indicate a time in your life when you feel unable or unwilling to apply yourself and your energy to life and living fully. This is not to suggest this is the cause of your symptom but it can certainly accompany it.

Many illnesses or conditions can often be traced back to a psychological or emotional cause or trigger. It is believed that left long enough such triggers can make you more susceptible to particular diseases or symptoms. I do believe that we are the sum of our thoughts – regardless of whether we consciously know that or not.

3. Anaemia – As already stated, the blood flow signifies the flow of life force and your acceptance and experience of that flow. Are you are strong and joyous, abundant in your outlook and perceptions or do you have underlying insecurity or a low sense of self worth?

Although such things can become self fulfilling prophecies, it is always worthwhile alongside any treatment ensuring that the emotional and psychological aspects of the individual be respected and valued too.

4. Crohn’s Disease – Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease. The specific cause may not be clear but there are thought to be possible triggers, such as imbalances in the immune system and allergies or intolerances to foods.

On the psycho spiritual level there can often be a ‘need to get things right’ attitude about the person. They may tend to be a little perfectionist in their thinking and attitudes, or very determined and focused on their goals.

This is not to say that is a bad thing but there may be a lot less focus on the enjoyment of the goals and achievements rather than the act of achieving itself.

5. Constipation – This condition requires no explanation but it can often be linked to issues of control: whether that be control of the body or of extreme control of the emotions. An attempt to try to ‘keep things in, not letting go,

and keeping them under control. There may be a strong element of perfectionism , sometimes they may be trying to control things to keep the peace – so that the people and situations around them may not be annoyed or affected.

The common theme here – the Root Chakra deals with our elimination processes – letting go of the things we no longer need. This is not just on the physical level, but on every level.

Trying to stop the natural flow for whatever good intentions or purposes usually results in a blockage.

Root Chakra

Root/Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is about acknowledging and accepting your basic needs and wants, getting what you need and then letting go. It encompasses your need to feel safe and secure. No matter how you may try and rationalize things and present an outward calm image to the world, if that is not how you truly feel inside then your body and energy will show the tell tale signs.

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  1. Terry Choyce says:

    Dear Davina, I have had vertigo for almost 3 years and it started after a cruise (MdDs syndrome). Several energy healers have told me my aura is shaped like a mushroom, and this could be the reason I am off balance. I have tried grounding with imagining roots, many times. My partner is a Reiki Master and he has been unable to help me stop the vertigo – in fact his high energy often makes it worse, as do his many crystals. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have. I have done the full medical route and many energy healing modalities.

    Thank you and Bless you for the work you do.

  2. davina says:

    Dear Terry. My first instinct is that you need a much stronger earth energy – I’m not sure how Your husband works but he may be channelling energy from above – it may be much more useful to you if he pulled up earth energy. It may be better if you do this yourself, you can do it inside but I would be inclined to do this outside, either in a wooded area or a piece of ground that feels strong, earthy and ‘gutsy’ to you. I would stand barefoot if you can and after a few grounding deep breaths, I would send your thoughts down into the very core of the earth, feel the strength of the connection and then draw that energy up, up, up through the earth, bringing positive power and grounding, bring it up to the soles of your feet, to the ankles, calves and legs…. until it fills every inch of your body, feeling so good and so strong, it’s as if you couldn’t move – even f you wanted to – enjoy the strength that this brings and a sense of balance and security, solidness. Then when you are ready, keeping as much of the energy you need, I would then let the rest flow back down into the earth, leaving you strong, happy and balanced, energised, able to move freely and effortlessly. (You could use this almost as a script to record and listen to whilst you do this – do it at least once a day for a week and see how you get on. If not let me know and I’ll record it fo you – when I record scripts or make them up for people – it’s like it’s not me doing the writing – it is channelled information and tends to be person specific.) Then depending on how you feel after a few days I would consider looking into what was going on in your life, psychologiically/emotionally at the time of the cruise, to see if anything inparticular comes up – this is often similar to how we work with regression therapy. Let me know how you get on and if you want any more details.
    Regards Davina

  3. jackie says:

    I am having terrible pain in my feet, debilliating pain, is this coming from my root charka?

  4. davina says:

    Hi Jackie

    The root chakra will be affected by any foot problem, although I would doubt it is the cause of the pain. I can’t comment on specifics here and always suggest you seek professional medical advice, but I would suggest that the crown chakra is also affected. This has to do with energy coming in to the body and affects the overall general energy levels, so tiredness, lethargy may also be symptoms. Alongside any conventional medicine, you could investigate working with your energy to assist in the process. Hope this helps. Davina

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