The Yellow Aura

Although the yellow aura does not seem to be talked about quite so much as say a blue, green or violet aura , it has some lovely qualities to it. As with any and every aura colour there are positive and negative traits and characteristics, just as there positive and negative personality traits. After all the aura is a reflection of the personality. We may have core colours that reflect us most of the time – our core personality but we do slip in and out of other colours and character traits, for example being at work requires different aspects of our personality to being at home with loved ones and family. Do you recognize any of these Yellow Characteristics in you or someone close to you?

– One of the most obvious characteristics of a person with yellow around them is their sense of humor and general fun loving nature. They have a very obvious need and desire to enjoy themselves – this is not at the expense of others or in a selfish way – rather it is their genuine wish that everyone just has fun!

– They have a childlike quality of wanting to immerse themselves in things that are entertaining, fun and creative – and that’s in just about every area of their life too. In their career, their family life and social life, pastimes and exercise.

– They want a relationship to be fun, stimulating, full of laughs and happiness, where they can laugh, share fun times, play and entertain as well as be entertained. They don’t tend to like heavy commitments and burdens and may often try to ignore them.

– A yellow person doesn’t tend to enjoy fixing set schedules and dates. If things get too complicated or tiresome, they will want to ‘run away’ and may actually do just that – they may dissociate from the person, situation or issue. Almost as if they were trying to ignore it, in the hope that if they can’t see it – it can’t see them!

– However, in balance and in tune with their energies, they can be very happy, joyful partners and are usually quite playful and fun loving in their intimate relationships.

– Yellows have a very sensitive body, sensitive to the people and places around them. They definitely are one of the most kinaesthetic Aura colours. They can sense emotions etc very well. As a result of this, they need to move their bodies a lot to move the energy within and around them, otherwise they can quickly become clogged or blocked and feel out of balance or sync. Touch and sensation are very important to them and they express themselves using hand movements and gestures a lot.

– These people tend to make good therapists, and healers when they are in tune with their energies and may find themselves naturally drawn to such professions. Though they will often want to combine their quick mind and good intellect too. So they are often found in business positions or self employed.

– Because they can pick up on things that may often pass other people by, they do need to find physical ways to release the energy. As ever this has got to be fun and enjoyable. If not, they can be prone to feeling blocked and stagnant in their own lives and then their motivation and playful nature may subside. As they naturally want to feel good and enjoy a natural high, they can also have addictive personalities, as they never want the good times to stop. This can be in any form, whether drugs, smoking and drinking, or even sex.

– The Yellow of the aura also denotes a person who can be full of great ideas and inspiration, coming up with all sorts of creative plans, ideas and projects. What they may lack though is the determination and motivation to see that project through. As the attention to detail and the necessary planning and implementation can all too quickly become boring to them. – Often they will even say that they just “don’t want to grow up” – and they don’t! They simply want everyone to have fun, be happy and chilled! – Their body language is very indicative of how they really feel. It is very obvious when they are nervous, upset, happy or sad. Their bodies will not lie about how they are feeling.

In tune or in balance the yellow aura denotes an abundance of energy and as with the other aura colours, when out of tune it will reveal the opposite – so they may experience bouts of lacking motivation and will complain that they are bored. Being so sensitive to the environment they find themselves in, people with the yellow aura do well to have things in mind or to hand that they can do quickly and easily to bring themselves back into a state of balance and harmony. Often a good dose of sunshine will do, as they are particularly drawn to its healing rays, but they do need physical ways of releasing and shifting the energy around them as well.

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  1. me says:

    This made me cry when I read it. Someone told me tonight that I have a yellow aura that is starting to turn orange as well. Not sure what orange means yet, but the yellow describes me to a scary detail. thank you

  2. MysticX says:

    Thanks for posting this. I identified with it a lot, and the part about having an addictive personality and needing to move a lot in order to not feel blocked really hit home. Another step towards understanding myself….thank you.

  3. Mr Entrepreneuer says:

    This is so true! I’m very good at reading peoples personalities! Always have been, I’ve owned 5 businesses already and looking to start a 6th one now! So true about energy levels and not want to grow up, I’m a child at heart! Also fitness iS my physical release to feel good and confident in myself! This is a very accurate description of my personality!

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