Aura Reading

Recently I have been asked to read auras for people via email.

Although I had only previously read the auras and chakras for people face to face, I thought it would be fun to give it a go.

So far, people have been very pleased by the results.

I do not go too much in depth or too personal. I look at the photo attached to the email and give an honest appraisal of what I see and feel.

I can give a brief overview of the core colour and the main characteristics that accompany that. I also see  if the energy feels out of balance and if so where it is, and what it relates to.  I usually get an impression of people, events or issues, certainly which chakras are affected most (if any). Often I will give suggestions as to how to bring that back into balance if that is appropriate. I never know precisely what I am going to say until I meet someone and so it is with the photo, I write my feelings and impressions as if  I were talking with you face to face.

I also offer a follow up email as there are usually questions after people have received the reading and I am pleased to answer those. These often relate to healing or precisely what to do or avenues to consider etc.

Please be patient, I take my readings seriously and spend time on them so it may take me 2 or 3 days to get back to you – it is NOT an automated response – it is personal and individual to you. If for any reason I am unable to read for you, I will refund you and let you know.

I will send you an email on receipt of your order though to let you know it has been received and to keep you updated.

Details about the photo and where to send it are given as you proceed with your order.

A full length photo of yourself seems to work best.

If you would like an Aura Reading via Email for just £15.00 with follow up email access with me please click the buy now button.

Here  are a few comments from some people I have read for this way:

Kim says:

Davina – THANK YOU soooooo much you are so great and 100 percent accurate with your descriptions of me – to think you can know all of that just from reading an aura from a photograph well all I can say is WOW !!!!!

Heather says:


You are awesome! Thank you for your guidance and for answering all of my many questions about the human energy field.

It has been amazing and healing for me and my husband to receive a personal energy/aura readings from you. I hope that more people start to explore there own personal energy and the mind/body connection.

You are giving people the information needed to self heal. This is a true blessing.

Thank you for sharing your gift-


If you would like an Aura Reading via Email for just £15.00 with follow up email access with me please click the buy now button.

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