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4bookChakra Awakening – A Beginners Guide to the Chakras

Chakra Balancing – A Practical to Balance the Chakras & Start Chakra Healing Today

The Human Aura – Reading Auras & Colors

The Green Aura – The Meaning of the Green Aura Colour

Past Lives – Incredible Past Life Experiences


The Solar Plexus/ The Third Chakra

Practical measures to help bring balance to the Solar Plexus:

The element associated with this chakra is Fire. I suppose it’s safe to say that this chakra is all to do with your ego – how you identify with your soul personality, the person you are day to day, in this modern world. (Although we all have a spirit which is beautiful, the energy of that spirit is moulded and manipulated by our lives, the people, events and beliefs we encounter in our daily existence. This I call the soul personality.  This is the energy that we can read and interpret, the aura around the body, that is fed by the chakras. Any imbalances in energy – for whatever reason reveal themselves in the aura and chakras and this is how the energy of the soul personality differs from that of the pure spirit).

To add power to a weaker solar plexus:

  • Any positive ego strengthening or confidence building techniques and strategies are obviously helpful if you recognise the symptoms of a weaker solar plexus energy. A strong sense of self, allows us to be positively assertive and not so easily swayed and reliant on the strength of others.
  • Use techniques and activities to strengthen your self worth.
  • Improve your decisiveness, this can be a great solar plexus boost.
  • Acquire the art of saying No (appropriately of course!)
  • Setting goals and targets, keeping in mind the end result – the reason why you want to achieve the things you do – remembering why they are important can help to keep you motivated.
  • Any stomach exercises naturally strengthen the solar plexus – particularly good are: Pilates and Yoga. They focus on your inner core, the muscles that surround the spine. The plank pose is a good strengthening exercise.
  • Get in the habit of boosting  and protecting yourself energetically – using your intention and visualisation.


To calm an overactive or a dominant solar plexus energy;

If you feel you may be on the dominant or controlling side, find ways to deal with that, either through self help or professional therapies. (Often such people do not tend to question themselves, as they instinctively decide they are right, so will never come to read this anyway!)

  • Allow yourself to sit still and not have to achieve anything – just once in a while!
  • Avoid caffeine if you have stomach ulcers or acidic problems.
  • Try to calm your energy with gentle exercise or even meditations, try guided visualisations to keep your busy mind busy with relaxation!
  • Take time to listen to the signs and signals your body is constantly giving you. Although the second chakra is classed as the emotional centre it is here in the solar plexus that we can physically feel those emotions. Your adrenal glands, sitting above the kidneys are connected to your fight or flight systems and it’s in your stomach you feel the churning of fear, anticipation, dislike, distrust or the excitement of butterflies.
  • Guilt and shame can be quite stubborn emotions that can sit and almost fester in this energy centre. Anything you can do to help yourself accept and deal with situations and events, helps your energy too. Although they may seem trivial, writing or talking about such things can bring some closure. Don’t force forgiveness, start with clarity and understanding maybe, then the rest can follow. Turning to a professional for help will always make sense if it feels right for you to do so.

For details regarding the other main chakra centres click here: Chakra Centres, Chakra Colours and Chakra Balancing

The Tarot Reflects Our Levels of Consciousness

“It’s not that the Tarot Cards are answering our problems and questions, rather the images call out to our own inner wisdom and awareness which is what we can choose to listen to or ignore. The cards speak from the heart and to the heart, well they will, if that’s your intention when using them. Otherwise they are pretty pictures to enjoy. Sceptics and those using the tarot for idle pleasure will rarely see more than they look for, those wanting to know themselves and life on a more profound level will inevitably discover more.

The journey through the cards echoes the things we encounter in our external daily lives but it is always showing us the inner world within. It’s this inner world which is creating these external factors not the other way around, the external chaos isn’t causing inner turmoil for example, the inner turmoil (that we try to ignore in a myriad of ways) is what’s causing the external chaos.

When you dig beyond the surface, you’ll see how the cards relate to our consciousness, what it means to be alive and how the life breath flows through us, and our experience of life is portrayed within the journey of the cards.

The Tarot connects to us on many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; the significance and message for each of us can be very different even though we draw the same card, as it depends what is going on in your own life at the time. One person might resonate with the spiritual or emotional message and another might be experiencing a physical, real world dilemma that they need more practical advice about. This is why the meanings can seem almost contradictory or vague at times but as the cards sit beside each other the true story and bigger picture unfolds.

Some of the major cards denote times of change and transition, others reflect different aspects of our personalities. At times we display various traits or characteristics depending on the situation; the major cards will reflect which traits are being used and which ones can be utilised more to deal with whatever is happening. For example The Emperor has the attribute of authority so the person drawing the card may be taking the lead and guiding a situation or they may need to take authority, and take matters into their own hands to ensure it is effectively dealt with.

The cards are visually loaded to directly converse with your subconscious mind and the more that you work with them, the more you will see and feel. When someone sits in front of you, their personal story and journey can also become clear, you will find yourself saying things that you haven’t formally ‘learnt’ yet they feel right. Your reading of the cards evolves, as we all do”.

Interested in reading more, this short book is available on Amazon Kindle. Tarot Card Meanings: The Major Arcana

Powerful Past Life Memories

Here’s a short excerpt from one of my own personal past life regression experiences taken from “Past Lives: Incredible Past Life Experiences”

“Frozen with Fear – I Just Can’t Look

Experiencing a past life is usually pretty profound, even if it can be profound for very different reasons. Some are energising, some are unravelling, some can bring up some intense feelings and memories. One particular one, I was frozen with fear and cried and cried and cried….

The point at which I entered this past life, was not at the death point, it was a little before that. Having begun in the usual way, I was asked to concentrate on how my body was feeling and notice any sensations that weren’t there when we started.

I’d moved my hands and arms up over my eyes, even though I was already lying on the floor and had my eyes shut. Initially I found it really hard to speak, I would just gently shake my head from side to side as if saying no…no…

The sadness and terror I felt was intense, it was as if I was frozen.

“I just can’t look…. I just can’t look.”

It was apparent to my tutor and guide that we were not going to be able to pursue this point just yet. When feelings or emotions are too strong, we will dissociate from that experience, get more understanding of the situation and then go back and face it with more understanding and find out what the person needs to be able to go through the event.

I was asked to go back a little and explain what was going on, prior to this event that I found too painful to look at.


The scene I described and saw was one of complete carnage. Huts were burning and were dilapidated, fires were burning, cooking pots were knocked over, a few animals ran loose. But worst of all there were bodies, bodies and bits of bodies scattered and dropped to the floor where they were attacked”.

Read the full story: Past Lives on Amazon Kindle

The Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the second energy centre we meet, up from the base of the spine. This one connects very much with your emotions, your creativity, your relationships and even your appetite! This centre can very easily be stressed or out of balance as emotions can be tricky things to deal with. They run so deep and so powerfully and yet we can be very slow to acknowledge them, let alone express them effectively.

Our feelings don’t always make sense but they need to be aired, understood and released just the same. It is thought that unexpressed or locked in emotions can be the trigger for many illnesses and diseases – this is the reasoning behind psychosomatic illness and a great deal of metaphysical literature aligns with this too.

This Second Chakra connects with the colour orange and it has a much more flowing and sensual feel to the energy here. Although both the base and the sacral chakras relate to sex, the base was more about the physical act itself, the sacral is very much more about your feelings, your senses and your desires, the more intangible side of your sexuality.



Indicators of the Sacral Chakra Being in Balance:

This chakra is your pleasure centre, it’s about the people, the things and situations that you love, the things you attract to you and the things you dislike. It is easy for this centre to be out of balance and you may find that you want to overindulge in some of the things that bring you pleasure.


An Excerpt from Chakra Balancing – A Practical Guide to Balance the Chakras & Start Chakra Healing Today

The Red Aura Personality

The Personality Traits of the Red Aura:


There are some colours that have more noticeable shades and tones within them, which when attributed to the aura can signify different aspects of character and personality traits associated with them. Red is one of these colours and for our purposes here, I’ll record the most common personality traits mainly of the bright red shade and briefly mention the attributes of the Darker Reds. Know that it is not necessary to tick every single box but you’ll know if these characteristics relate to you (or your client, if you are reading for somebody else).


The Red personality is a doer; they are active, dynamic people with a zest and energy for life. They are motivated and like to see results. They can be very driven and goal orientated. They like to see physical results for their achievements, so can like practical jobs and chores, like mowing the lawn for example, where the result is immediate and quite gratifying for them.


Reds tend to be pretty sociable, often with a full diary or schedule of things to do and get done. They want to live life and enjoy their experiences and understand that they are responsible for creating those. They may have the odd ‘duvet day’ but by and large they are few and far between as it doesn’t suit their character to sit still for too long. They want to know what it is to be alive.

Red Relationships

Sex is usually pretty high on the scale of importance of the Red personality, that’s in quality and quantity. A good, enjoyable and active sex life is often one of the ways they define their success. Sex is a great release for Reds and helps to cultivate a sense of satisfaction for them.

The act of sex has great significance and is again one way they have of feeling a physical sense of success and love. They are by no means emotionally deprived, it is merely that the physical act of intimacy is key to their sense of wellbeing as such an active and dynamic personality type, whereas some other colours are content with companionship and need a meeting of minds more than physical lovemaking to feel safe and secure.


An excerpt from How to Read Auras, other colours covered:

The Green Aura

The Blue Aura

The Orange Aura

The Brown Aura

The Pink Aura

The Violet Aura

The Crystal Aura

The Yellow Aura

The Brown Aura

What’s in an aura?

What’s Makes up the Aura?

The Human Energy Body

the seven chakras

“In energy terms, we speak of different bodies, subtle energy systems; not only do we have the physical body but we have the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body as well.

These fit together very much like the systems within our physical frame, we have the muscular system, the skeletal system, the endocrine system and the respiratory system. They all fit together and merge, to sustain the whole body, well so it is with the energy body.

It is always trying to maintain balance just like the human body; it is a perfect operating system. The energy body is fed by energy centres called chakras, these feed the aura, which is what you’ll be reading and interpreting.

We can read it because whenever there’s a malfunction or blockage or something is not right, the energy starts telling a story. When we look at that story it can be very revealing and insightful, to me it is just another way that your subconscious mind uses to bring things to your conscious attention and awareness.

We all got so clever and intelligent in our modern world, we thought we’d lost a lot of our intuitive senses, but we haven’t lost them – we just haven’t listened to them much. If you start listening and paying attention, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn.

The human energy system is an amazing and intricate work of art. For our purposes here though, we will keep it simple. There are seven main centres in the energy body and it is these that feed and make up the aura. These go right from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These energy centres or chakras all work together, forever opening and closing, taking energy in, and giving it back-out. They are constantly sensing, they also resonate with specific sounds, and colours”.

An excerpt from How to Read Auras

We never stop learning about the chakras, read more about the chakras here: The seven chakras


How to Read Auras is available on Amazon Kindle: Download the book

The Emotions & the Green Aura Personality

The Emotional Intelligence of the Green Aura


The Green Aura denotes someone coming from the heart; these people are compassionate and kind hearted by nature. They don’t have an agenda that they expect others to conform to, if they decide to help out for example, it is genuinely an act of compassion without any thought of reward or return favour required.

Their honesty which can sometimes equate to being a bit too blunt for the people around them  is not spoken out of any sense of malice, rather it is just their way of telling things as they are. To Greens, this is a much cleaner way of communicating and expressing their thoughts and feelings. Greens are certainly not insensitive but their way of expressing themselves can have a degree of innocence seeming almost childlike in their frankness at times. They don’t sugar coat facts, they just speak them. Sometimes the words just seem to pour out from them, being very expressive and communicative, if they are upset or annoyed they can be very verbal about that too.


Greens Need to Feel Free to Express Themselves

Balance being the key word for the Green Aura, these people like to feel comfortable and at ease, in order to be able to do that successfully, they need to be free to express themselves honestly and openly – at work, at home and socially. If they are taught or expected to bottle up their feelings, they can soon become out of balance and they will not feel comfortable at all. They can become stifled and then withdrawn.

Our emotions are such powerful things and profoundly affect us all, but for people with the Green Aura, they fundamentally need to feel happy and at peace with their conscience, their feelings and emotions in order to function at their best. Hence they are good honest souls to be around, they do as they would like to be done by and generally act in a fair and genuine manner, for themselves, their family and friends and their community.

People with the Green Aura are usually kinaesthetic and will often be very expressive with their body language, they will move their hands a lot when they talk, as they use their body in a physical way to convey meaning and feeling. It’s as if they are moving the emotional energy within the body as they move and once things are expressed they can feel at ease and comfortable again.

Indeed unexpressed emotions are thought to be the root cause behind many instances of ill health and disease. The energy of such things can rest and stagnate within our physical bodies and to an extent within our thoughts and minds – how any times can we turn over and over in our minds what we wish we had or hadn’t said? Although this affects us all, it’s as if the person with a Green Aura is more attuned to what the unexpressed energy feels like in their body. They will feel uncomfortable and ill at ease.

This contributes to the fact they like their communication to flow and be clean and clear, if they are upset, they want to express it and move on, they do not want to stew on things for ever.  If they are angry they will quickly raise their voice, when they are upset they will cry, their body gives a very immediate response that is slightly more obvious in people with the Green Aura. They don’t tend to hide their expression, if they are jealous of someone for example, you will see that reflected in their tone and body language. Although we all reflect our deeper responses in our body language, it somehow seems more immediate and apparent in people with Greens – it is something you will notice or recognise about them.

This need to express is a positive way for them to deal with things and move on, it is a very natural process and is one we would do well to learn. They don’t internalise or intellectualise their feelings, they feel them, they express them and the release just naturally occurs. Greens understand that things change and evolve and are at their best when they can live in line with that.

If the green aura personality goes through long periods of not feeling able to honestly express themselves, the aura would not remain green, the energy can become washed out and diminished and often more blue will start to creep into the aura. They will feel unease within their body, read more about the physical attributes of the green aura personality here: The Physical Body & The Green Aura

Discover more about the intricacies of the green aura and how it relates to money, finance and love in The Meaning of the Green Aura – available on Amazon Kindle.


The Green Aura Personality

The Green Aura & the Physical Body


the green aura book coverPeople with a green aura colour usually have a good, holistic view to life in general and to their own health and well being. They understand the synergy and the balance required between the mind and the body. They appreciate on a very basic level that they need and like to move their body, they are not obsessed by looking good or being super fit but they do want to enjoy good health. They will notice on a visceral level that they feel good when they exercise and take care of themselves. This is not just an intellectual recognition of healthy living but a real body sensation.

Consequently these people tend to be quite physically active, they may not be marathon runners, but they will have some form of regular physical exercise in their average week. It will more than likely be regular walks, dancing or include being outside in some way. The sorts of activities can be wide ranging but coupled with exercise, Greens will like to have an element of enjoyment and fun. Swimming, horse riding, cycling, feeling the air on their skin can all be very appealing and effective forms of exercise for these people. Being very sociable, they will like group activities, particularly cliff or nature walks and hikes, where there is an element of talking and walking Greens will be very happy.

Having an affinity with nature Greens will also enjoy gardening, horticulture and animals so they will tend to be generally active throughout their day. They thrive in this kind of environment. There are different shades of green and some of the earthier shades will more than likely be what we might term, the ‘outdoors type’; where they work outside or spend the majority of their time outside.

At times though it is important for the green aura personality to be able to rest and to allow themselves to be lazy for a while. They will often have periods or bursts of activity and then have bouts of inactivity, where they just want to be left alone and be quiet. This attitude corresponds to the natural timing and rhythms of nature; parts of the year the ground lies dormant and other parts there will be obvious growth and surges of energy. The person with the green aura will no doubt be able to spot this characteristic, their family certainly will and it does not necessarily have to coincide with the seasons of the year, although it can do. We all tend to feel brighter and happier when the sun is shining for example, compared to the grey days of winter.

In balance, the Green Personality will enjoy good health, it’s as if they have a good strong constitution and immune system; these are the people who rarely have a day off work or who don’t seem to catch colds and flu as bad as the other people in the office for example.

Discover more characteristics relating to the Green Aura personality in The Meaning of The Green Aura.

It is available from Amazon Kindle here: The Green Aura: the Meaning of the Green Aura Colour

Past Life Regression

My Own Past Life Experiences

Excerpt from the book: Past Lives – Incredible Past Life Experiences

Final past life coverMy experiences of the existence of past lives has never been purely for entertainment purposes. I have loved being able to touch my spirit and that of others. Within all of us, lies the potential to access ancient memories, times long past. I do believe that the body holds onto such memories, even if we don’t consciously know how.

There is an intelligence in every single cell of your body. The mind is not the brain, it includes the brain but it is not limited to it. The brain is the physical organ, the mind is less tangible. It expands further than we think and communicates in ways I believe we have yet to master or fully understand.

There may be things in this life that just don’t make sense to you, a recurring thought or dream that seems to bare no relevance to your current life. Sometimes specific aches, pains and physical imbalances may not be confined to an event in this current lifetime you are experiencing. If that is the case for you, you will know it in your heart and in your gut as you read these words. Using the sensations and feeling ability of the body is one of the ways we access these deeply held memories, thoughts and beliefs. It’s as if they are frozen in time, crystallised if you like, especially if they are associated with strong emotions and events of the time.

The emotions, thoughts and beliefs at the time of death are particularly important and telling. Just as the consciousness of a baby responds to life and sounds outside of the womb before birth so does our consciousness at the point of death and beyond.

As the soul then lives lifetime after lifetime, these strong residual memories can also be recreated; a chronic throat condition may relate to a previous hanging or strangulation. They may not make much sense in your modern day context but can be holding you back from living a peaceful life. An irrational fear of water might suggest a previous experience of drowning.

These memories can be brought into our conscious awareness by different emotional states; by depression or anxiety, stress and phobias, even recurring relationship difficulties, nightmares and obsessions. I certainly found this to be true not only for myself but in others too.

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