What’s in the Aura?

Fine Art Lotus ChakrasMore than you think!  It contains all that you are, all that you have been as well as the potential of what you will be!

Your aura is a feeling, subtle energy, that does not just simply surround you – it is you – it permeates every cell of your body and being and beyond! It is affected by your thoughts and intention and includes your emotions and experiences.

Of course most of this is all totally blinkered from your conscious and rational mind, yet the subconscious gives constant signals and triggers just below the surface. When you get to grips with these, you can certainly use the knowledge to enhance your health and well being and overall experience of this world.

To talk of the aura just as an energetic field, is in a way dismissive of its beauty and profound nature. It is not merely a pretty coloured bubble that surrounds you!

Many people think of the aura and assume that it just relates to a colour. That is not so, yes there are a great many aura colours. Each different colour relates to different aspects of your personality. They each have both positive and negative potentials, just like our personality traits. (Being assertive is all very positive for example but there is a point when you become too assertive and that can be called aggressive, pushy or arrogant).

However, colours are not the only way to interpret the information of the aura, personally I get more from the sensations or feeling and the visual impressions that come to me as I start to look deeper. The information comes in from all sorts of directions and sometimes it feels like all at the same time!  I get distinct images, sensations and feelings.

The energy can feel hot or cold, clammy or cobwebby. These sorts of feelings can indicate ill health, or imbalances within the energy. Some of these imbalances will relate to a physical ailment or condition, even indicate a previous surgery site, equally they can relate to emotional or mental energy trapped as thoughts or feelings in and around the person.

When you get past the surface and the ‘colour’ of the aura you realise that it and you and your entire body is in fact a reflection of your innermost thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  You auric energy is in every cell of your body and it permeates your mind, body and spirit.

When you learn to decipher and interpret its’ signals, signs and energetic language patterns, you can start to better understand the situations, the people, the events in your life and even your own physical health, habits and tendencies.

Then you can decide what if anything you’d like to do, whether there are things that need addressing and dealing with, some may need clearing and releasing. Some of the energy you are carrying may not even be yours! Then you can go on to focus the energy of your mind and your thoughts to invite more of what you do want into your life. So you are living on purpose and with purpose, rather than by default!

To me it’s not a question of why bother with the Aura – It’s more like why on earth not!

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  1. Jane Barrett says:

    Dear Davina,

    I was fascinated reading “The Meaning of the Green Aura Colour” free sample online. My head went all very light tingly and I became very aware of a very gentle feeing of ‘something’ (?) on the right hand side of the back of my head! – I see this as a positive sign – I would love to order but I do not have a kindle. I am very interested as I had a picture taken of my aura which was very green and I can definitely relate to what you are saying.

    Do you have a book I can buy please?

    Kind regards,
    Jane Barrett


  2. davina says:

    Hi Jane

    Many thanks for your comment and I’m so pleased you found the article useful. Here’s a link to my book – a paperback version:

    or you can search for Davina DeSilver on Amazon and scroll down the page, you’ll find the paper back version available there.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    All the best


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