The Emotions & the Green Aura Personality

The Emotional Intelligence of the Green Aura


The Green Aura denotes someone coming from the heart; these people are compassionate and kind hearted by nature. They don’t have an agenda that they expect others to conform to, if they decide to help out for example, it is genuinely an act of compassion without any thought of reward or return favour required.

Their honesty which can sometimes equate to being a bit too blunt for the people around them¬† is not spoken out of any sense of malice, rather it is just their way of telling things as they are. To Greens, this is a much cleaner way of communicating and expressing their thoughts and feelings. Greens are certainly not insensitive but their way of expressing themselves can have a degree of innocence seeming almost childlike in their frankness at times. They don’t sugar coat facts, they just speak them. Sometimes the words just seem to pour out from them, being very expressive and communicative, if they are upset or annoyed they can be very verbal about that too.


Greens Need to Feel Free to Express Themselves

Balance being the key word for the Green Aura, these people like to feel comfortable and at ease, in order to be able to do that successfully, they need to be free to express themselves honestly and openly – at work, at home and socially. If they are taught or expected to bottle up their feelings, they can soon become out of balance and they will not feel comfortable at all. They can become stifled and then withdrawn.

Our emotions are such powerful things and profoundly affect us all, but for people with the Green Aura, they fundamentally need to feel happy and at peace with their conscience, their feelings and emotions in order to function at their best. Hence they are good honest souls to be around, they do as they would like to be done by and generally act in a fair and genuine manner, for themselves, their family and friends and their community.

People with the Green Aura are usually kinaesthetic and will often be very expressive with their body language, they will move their hands a lot when they talk, as they use their body in a physical way to convey meaning and feeling. It’s as if they are moving the emotional energy within the body as they move and once things are expressed they can feel at ease and comfortable again.

Indeed unexpressed emotions are thought to be the root cause behind many instances of ill health and disease. The energy of such things can rest and stagnate within our physical bodies and to an extent within our thoughts and minds – how any times can we turn over and over in our minds what we wish we had or hadn’t said? Although this affects us all, it’s as if the person with a Green Aura is more attuned to what the unexpressed energy feels like in their body. They will feel uncomfortable and ill at ease.

This contributes to the fact they like their communication to flow and be clean and clear, if they are upset, they want to express it and move on, they do not want to stew on things for ever.¬† If they are angry they will quickly raise their voice, when they are upset they will cry, their body gives a very immediate response that is slightly more obvious in people with the Green Aura. They don’t tend to hide their expression, if they are jealous of someone for example, you will see that reflected in their tone and body language. Although we all reflect our deeper responses in our body language, it somehow seems more immediate and apparent in people with Greens – it is something you will notice or recognise about them.

This need to express is a positive way for them to deal with things and move on, it is a very natural process and is one we would do well to learn. They don’t internalise or intellectualise their feelings, they feel them, they express them and the release just naturally occurs. Greens understand that things change and evolve and are at their best when they can live in line with that.

If the green aura personality goes through long periods of not feeling able to honestly express themselves, the aura would not remain green, the energy can become washed out and diminished and often more blue will start to creep into the aura. They will feel unease within their body, read more about the physical attributes of the green aura personality here: The Physical Body & The Green Aura

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