The Green Aura Personality

The Green Aura & the Physical Body


the green aura book coverPeople with a green aura colour usually have a good, holistic view to life in general and to their own health and well being. They understand the synergy and the balance required between the mind and the body. They appreciate on a very basic level that they need and like to move their body, they are not obsessed by looking good or being super fit but they do want to enjoy good health. They will notice on a visceral level that they feel good when they exercise and take care of themselves. This is not just an intellectual recognition of healthy living but a real body sensation.

Consequently these people tend to be quite physically active, they may not be marathon runners, but they will have some form of regular physical exercise in their average week. It will more than likely be regular walks, dancing or include being outside in some way. The sorts of activities can be wide ranging but coupled with exercise, Greens will like to have an element of enjoyment and fun. Swimming, horse riding, cycling, feeling the air on their skin can all be very appealing and effective forms of exercise for these people. Being very sociable, they will like group activities, particularly cliff or nature walks and hikes, where there is an element of talking and walking Greens will be very happy.

Having an affinity with nature Greens will also enjoy gardening, horticulture and animals so they will tend to be generally active throughout their day. They thrive in this kind of environment. There are different shades of green and some of the earthier shades will more than likely be what we might term, the ‘outdoors type’; where they work outside or spend the majority of their time outside.

At times though it is important for the green aura personality to be able to rest and to allow themselves to be lazy for a while. They will often have periods or bursts of activity and then have bouts of inactivity, where they just want to be left alone and be quiet. This attitude corresponds to the natural timing and rhythms of nature; parts of the year the ground lies dormant and other parts there will be obvious growth and surges of energy. The person with the green aura will no doubt be able to spot this characteristic, their family certainly will and it does not necessarily have to coincide with the seasons of the year, although it can do. We all tend to feel brighter and happier when the sun is shining for example, compared to the grey days of winter.

In balance, the Green Personality will enjoy good health, it’s as if they have a good strong constitution and immune system; these are the people who rarely have a day off work or who don’t seem to catch colds and flu as bad as the other people in the office for example.

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