Aura Colours – Basic Meanings

Whenever you are involved with reading auras, you cannot help but employ your intuition but for that to be accurate and of real use to people it is important to have a basic understanding and appreciation of what the colours mean.

These meanings have evolved over many years, we naturally align certain attributes and aspects to colours every day of the week – whether we realise it or not!

For example – Red is associated with danger & passion, green is with natural & organic themes, blue is with royalty, legal & caring professions.

As you start to work with colour , the auras and the chakras, you will find your own way of interpreting and relaying across to people what you see and feel.

Here is a simple list of some of the most common attributes with a few of the aura colours.

Blue: This is the colour of communication and of honesty, it relates to speaking your truth and how aligned with that you are. It usually reflects ( in it’s positive aspect) the person has a good sense of fairness and justice.¬† Blue is very often seen around mothers, nurses and carers. Depending on the shade and tone, it can reveal that the person is very quietly spoken and may find¬† it difficult to express their own point of view.

Yellow: This wonderful sunshine colour often surrounds a bright and optimistic soul. People seem to be naturally drawn to and attracted to this person. They seem to light up the room and often have a very good sense of humour. They tend to be playful souls and have a childlike quality about them, that is appealing.

Orange: Orange can often surround the logical thinker, the analysing soul, trying to work things out. It is also the colour of creative ability and the flow of talent. This colour may often reveal itself more in the darker shades or patchy tones – suggesting that the person is feeling emotionally drained and more than likely feeling blocked.

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