The Red Aura Personality

The Personality Traits of the Red Aura:


There are some colours that have more noticeable shades and tones within them, which when attributed to the aura can signify different aspects of character and personality traits associated with them. Red is one of these colours and for our purposes here, I’ll record the most common personality traits mainly of the bright red shade and briefly mention the attributes of the Darker Reds. Know that it is not necessary to tick every single box but you’ll know if these characteristics relate to you (or your client, if you are reading for somebody else).


The Red personality is a doer; they are active, dynamic people with a zest and energy for life. They are motivated and like to see results. They can be very driven and goal orientated. They like to see physical results for their achievements, so can like practical jobs and chores, like mowing the lawn for example, where the result is immediate and quite gratifying for them.


Reds tend to be pretty sociable, often with a full diary or schedule of things to do and get done. They want to live life and enjoy their experiences and understand that they are responsible for creating those. They may have the odd ‘duvet day’ but by and large they are few and far between as it doesn’t suit their character to sit still for too long. They want to know what it is to be alive.

Red Relationships

Sex is usually pretty high on the scale of importance of the Red personality, that’s in quality and quantity. A good, enjoyable and active sex life is often one of the ways they define their success. Sex is a great release for Reds and helps to cultivate a sense of satisfaction for them.

The act of sex has great significance and is again one way they have of feeling a physical sense of success and love. They are by no means emotionally deprived, it is merely that the physical act of intimacy is key to their sense of wellbeing as such an active and dynamic personality type, whereas some other colours are content with companionship and need a meeting of minds more than physical lovemaking to feel safe and secure.


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