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Before I say anything else, let me say this: I am most honored to be making a post on this blog, and Davina, darlin’, thank you for allowing me to visit with you! At the same time, I have to admit that I struggled a little, at first, just because of all the people we share this planet with, I am probably one of the least informed when it comes to the mysteries and intrigues of auras and chakra! Our two fields of interest, do share some common grounds, though. Like yours, my area of interest also deals with different energies, and also includes meditation, even though it may be in a slightly different context. I also believe that our goals are similar…helping others find health, peace, love, acceptance and happiness in this life, as well as in the next. It’s with those goals in mind, that I choose to share my humble (and sometimes, slightly tilted) thoughts with the world through books.

The ideas and inspirations for my books come through different sources. Sometimes, I am simply searching for an answer to my own questions, while at other times I am sharing a train of thought that might be new to me…therefore, hopefully, new to someone else, as well. “Secrets From Before: Letters to Mom and Dad” falls into neither category! 🙂 I’m a guy in my early fifties. I have two sons that are in the neighborhood of thirty, and I have a daughter that just turned eight. (Life is full of surprises!) In any case, being a bit older when my daughter came along, I would often just sit and hold her, as an infant, watching and pondering…studying, even. A luxury I didn’t have the time or wisdom for when my sons were born.

One thing I learned was this: I can’t begin to express to you the miracles wrapped up in the birth of a child! There are simply no words. The things she has taught me, even before the day she made her grand entrance into our screwed up world, to me, are astonishing! And, as you might have guessed, she is still teaching me today. That is part of the inspiration behind this book. The things I’ve learned have given me new insights into the births of my sons, thirty years ago. Things I probably never would have realized otherwise. This little book has given me an outlet to jot down some of my findings, real or imagined.

Another part of the inspiration is sharing these revelations with other parents who may not have the time, in their current stage of life, to learn it on their own. I don’t want other parents to have to wait twenty or thirty years to slow down enough to realize what a gift they have in their own child. I mean, we all know that our kids are gifts, but we so often terribly underestimate the gifts they are! There is also one final particle of inspiration involved in this book. This book, as it turns out, is not just for anyone who has (or is going to have) kids…but, also, for anyone who has ever been one! It’s not just a book about the miracles of your child’s birth, but about the miracles of YOUR birth! It’s not just about how special your child is, but it’s also about how special YOU are. After all, without the process of your conception and birth, you wouldn’t be here!

And finally, it’s about amazing love. As parents, we have some slight understanding of what that love is like. The sacrifices we make are just small outward expressions of what lies within us, but even on the inside, it can’t really be explained or fully fathomed. How deep does it go? Where does it come from? How can it be explained? The thing is, we, as parents, often fail to realize that we are also children. And, as children, have we ever really stopped to contemplate the amazing love that gave us life? Like parents, children can also get so caught up in the various life stages…in being a child, for instance…that they can easily fail to recognize the unspeakable love that is being poured out on them. Sadly, while not all children have loving parents, it’s still true that all children are born out of amazing love…love that’s far deeper than even the love of a parent!

“Secrets From Before: Letters to Mom and Dad” is an inadequate, feeble attempt to explore some of these miracles of love. In reality, such a thing is beyond our understanding, but maybe…just maybe…if we take a little time to study it and to pass it on, someday far into the future, with a little luck and determination…maybe we can begin to scratch the surface… I would like to invite you to get a copy of this book while it’s still listed at the promotional price of just .99 and take a quick peek at the amazing love that created you and those you love!

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