What’s in an aura?

What’s Makes up the Aura?

The Human Energy Body

the seven chakras

“In energy terms, we speak of different bodies, subtle energy systems; not only do we have the physical body but we have the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body as well.

These fit together very much like the systems within our physical frame, we have the muscular system, the skeletal system, the endocrine system and the respiratory system. They all fit together and merge, to sustain the whole body, well so it is with the energy body.

It is always trying to maintain balance just like the human body; it is a perfect operating system. The energy body is fed by energy centres called chakras, these feed the aura, which is what you’ll be reading and interpreting.

We can read it because whenever there’s a malfunction or blockage or something is not right, the energy starts telling a story. When we look at that story it can be very revealing and insightful, to me it is just another way that your subconscious mind uses to bring things to your conscious attention and awareness.

We all got so clever and intelligent in our modern world, we thought we’d lost a lot of our intuitive senses, but we haven’t lost them – we just haven’t listened to them much. If you start listening and paying attention, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn.

The human energy system is an amazing and intricate work of art. For our purposes here though, we will keep it simple. There are seven main centres in the energy body and it is these that feed and make up the aura. These go right from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These energy centres or chakras all work together, forever opening and closing, taking energy in, and giving it back-out. They are constantly sensing, they also resonate with specific sounds, and colours”.

An excerpt from How to Read Auras

We never stop learning about the chakras, read more about the chakras here: The seven chakras


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