Free Books 25th – 26th October 2013

On 25th – 26th October 2013, the titles below are free to download You can download these titles as many times as you like, please feel free to share the links below   Chakra Awakening – A Beginners Guide to the Chakras Chakra Balancing – A Practical to Balance the Chakras & Start Chakra Healing […] Read more »

Powerful Past Life Memories

Here’s a short excerpt from one of my own personal past life regression experiences taken from “Past Lives: Incredible Past Life Experiences” “Frozen with Fear – I Just Can’t Look Experiencing a past life is usually pretty profound, even if it can be profound for very different reasons. Some are energising, some are unravelling, some […] Read more »

The Red Aura Personality

The Personality Traits of the Red Aura:   There are some colours that have more noticeable shades and tones within them, which when attributed to the aura can signify different aspects of character and personality traits associated with them. Red is one of these colours and for our purposes here, I’ll record the most common […] Read more »