I am really pleased and a little nervous to introduce my first CD!

I made these two recordings to guide you through a beautifully relaxing process that will not only cleanse and balance your chakras but will help reenergise them too.

One of the recordings works with the conscious mind and mentions the chakras individually, the other one works more with the subconscious mind and contains some lovely metaphors to follow – allowing your mind and energy to do all the work necessary.

All the while you get to deeply relax.

Each track is about 20 minutes long.

One of the tracks is available free as an mp3 download.

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However if you prefer to have the physical Cd, You can purchase your own copy for just £9.50

Click here to get your Aura & Chakra Cleansing Meditations

Kim: Hey Davina – I finally listened to your meditation and I love it – this is EXACTLY what I need – the guided meditation – it was perfect for me anyway – how do I get more of these –

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