The Solar Plexus/ The Third Chakra

Practical measures to help bring balance to the Solar Plexus:

The element associated with this chakra is Fire. I suppose it’s safe to say that this chakra is all to do with your ego – how you identify with your soul personality, the person you are day to day, in this modern world. (Although we all have a spirit which is beautiful, the energy of that spirit is moulded and manipulated by our lives, the people, events and beliefs we encounter in our daily existence. This I call the soul personality.¬† This is the energy that we can read and interpret, the aura around the body, that is fed by the chakras. Any imbalances in energy – for whatever reason reveal themselves in the aura and chakras and this is how the energy of the soul personality differs from that of the pure spirit).

To add power to a weaker solar plexus:

  • Any positive ego strengthening or confidence building techniques and strategies are obviously helpful if you recognise the symptoms of a weaker solar plexus energy. A strong sense of self, allows us to be positively assertive and not so easily swayed and reliant on the strength of others.
  • Use techniques and activities to strengthen your self worth.
  • Improve your decisiveness, this can be a great solar plexus boost.
  • Acquire the art of saying No (appropriately of course!)
  • Setting goals and targets, keeping in mind the end result – the reason why you want to achieve the things you do – remembering why they are important can help to keep you motivated.
  • Any stomach exercises naturally strengthen the solar plexus – particularly good are: Pilates and Yoga. They focus on your inner core, the muscles that surround the spine. The plank pose is a good strengthening exercise.
  • Get in the habit of boosting¬† and protecting yourself energetically – using your intention and visualisation.


To calm an overactive or a dominant solar plexus energy;

If you feel you may be on the dominant or controlling side, find ways to deal with that, either through self help or professional therapies. (Often such people do not tend to question themselves, as they instinctively decide they are right, so will never come to read this anyway!)

  • Allow yourself to sit still and not have to achieve anything – just once in a while!
  • Avoid caffeine if you have stomach ulcers or acidic problems.
  • Try to calm your energy with gentle exercise or even meditations, try guided visualisations to keep your busy mind busy with relaxation!
  • Take time to listen to the signs and signals your body is constantly giving you. Although the second chakra is classed as the emotional centre it is here in the solar plexus that we can physically feel those emotions. Your adrenal glands, sitting above the kidneys are connected to your fight or flight systems and it’s in your stomach you feel the churning of fear, anticipation, dislike, distrust or the excitement of butterflies.
  • Guilt and shame can be quite stubborn emotions that can sit and almost fester in this energy centre. Anything you can do to help yourself accept and deal with situations and events, helps your energy too. Although they may seem trivial, writing or talking about such things can bring some closure. Don’t force forgiveness, start with clarity and understanding maybe, then the rest can follow. Turning to a professional for help will always make sense if it feels right for you to do so.

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