How Your Mind Links With the Aura & the Chakras


Many people simply do not realise that there is so much they can do to improve or strengthen the aura.

It is not just in what you do or say, there is so much power in your thoughts, your beliefs and intention. Your mind is a major contributor to the energy and substance of your aura. Whether that is subconscious or conscious, they both play a major part.

You can direct your healing, you can heal others, you can improve your experience of life by directing the focus and attention of your mind.

I know it is not enough for me to merely say such things, although it is something I truly believe. I also know that I would not necessarily simply believe something because someone said so! I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the books  have read and have found Interesting or Inspiring, as well as some of the medical or scientific studies that accompany them.

I think once we are better informed then we can make  better choices and decisions.

When we have enough information, then we can decide if we want to turn that into knowledge  for ourselves and put it into practiceonly then does it become true wisdom!

(I will continually be adding quotes, excerpts & links  to this page, so be sure to check back regularly. I will also be adding a page specifically for Book Reviews & welcome your input and comments.)

These excerpts are not only insightful and intriguing, they also serve to remind us of our true capabilities.

This particular set all relate to our mind and the potential we have to self heal. Although I work with energy, because of my hypnotherapy background I naturally combine the two. After all it is the mind, whether conscious or subconscious that leads the energy and focus of our thoughts via intention.  When we become more conscious of our thoughts and our ability to make our mind work for us, then we are well on the way to engaging in our own self healing with direction and purpose.

Here I outline some excerpts that I found In a great book:

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body : by Dr David Hamilton.

There are several sections, from case studies and true stories, to details of scientific and medical trials, to inspiration and insight. He covers the reasons why visualization can be so powerful and lists many diseases in which it has proven to be very effective.  (When working with the aura and chakras we are of course using our ability to visualise most of the time, so when we combine that with physical healing or changes we want to evoke then you can appreciate just what good news this is!)

“About ten years ago it would be true to say that there was little medical evidence that the mind could heal the body, although there was plenty of evidence pointing towards it: but research published every other week now is building a considerably strong case that our previous assumptions and beliefs – that the mind could not heal the body – are just plain wrong.”

“Now we know for certain- fact – that thoughts, emotions and beliefs are not just subjective ideas in the mind but cause real chemical and physical changes in the body.”

“Our thoughts and attitudes inspire our actions, and our actions create our world.”

“…the brain is not a hard- wired lump of matter, as was once believed, but something that is constantly changing in response to our experiences.”

“With visualization, almost immediately, mind changes matter.”

“Every part of your body is wired to the brain.  Nerves connect the brain to the skin, muscles, bones, tendons and internal organs.  This is the reason why when someone touches a part of your body you can feel it and if an organ is damaged you can feel the pain.  But as well as touch being registered in the brain, just thinking about a part of your body does the same thing.”

“And recent studies have shown that such is the power of our awareness and our brain that just listening to sentences describing motion activates our brains as if we were doing the movements.”

“Wound healing is very sensitive to our mental and emotional state.  It is known that hostility and stress slow it down.”

“…if you were sick, just listening to people talk about perfect health would aid your journey to wellness, especially if they happened to mention how amazing the body was and how wonderful its regenerative capacity was.  The last thing any of us need when we are sick is people around us constantly affirming how sick we are.”

“We also now know that when we focus on a part of our body, the area of the brain that governs that part gets activated and the body part is activated too.  And through this connection, when we visualize healing, then healing occurs.”

There is a whole chapter dedicated to stress and how it can affect our lives, not just in the obvious way we all know about but in lots of other ways that we tend to be not so aware of. For example he mentions not only do wounds heal much slower when we are stressed but that the drugs or medicines we take to get better actually can be far more effective if our bodies are not stressed. The trouble is, I think that most people tend to think that sitting watching the tv or having a beer is laid back and is a way of relaxing – NOT SO!   It is not until you read some of this, and actually have experienced a deep state of relaxation that you know that it is a totally different feeling.

If you do nothing else I would recommend putting some serious effort into the art of relaxation – don’t regard it is a luxury you can ill afford in the busy life you lead.  Rather regard it as an absolute requirement to maintain your body, mind and spirit .

When I talk to people and comment that unexpressed emotions can often be the precursor to illness and disease they are a little shocked or dismissive. But that is precisely what I see in the chakras and the auric energy, the little tell tale threads that often link to an emotional situation or cause. It is this energy that pulls the overall energy out of balance, and this is how You can get a good indicator of the areas of life concerned and the likelihood of the illnesses that go with it.

I often recommend people to write or talk about their feelings. That is why therapy can be so good for you. Talking with a professional assures you of an unbiased ear, one that will truly listen to you and has your own best interests at heart.

Just writing about your feelings has also been shown to actually have a dramatic effect on physical and psychological levels. Personally I have found this to be true especially  during hard or trying and stressful times of my life.

I have found the same with meditation, it has immense benefits but I think many people are put off because they think they have to change their views, beliefs, sit cross legged and eat just greens!  As with all things, you have to find a way that suits you. Sitting staring at a candle or just listening to nice music doesn’t work that great for me. But if I follow a guided visualisation, then that is a whole different story.

I can safely relax and follow the recording and my mind is kept busy on the ‘right’ stuff rather than wandering off on all the things on the to do list, what’s for tea,  how many to cook for, how much ironing there is, what needs doing etc etc.

So don’t let the word meditation itself put you off from trying something similar (or the same but with a different name!). Just give your self the gift of giving it a go, with the intention and attitude that it has huge potential health benefits for you:

“Such is the recognized power of meditation that it is now frequently used in clinical practice to treat a  variety of illnesses and diseases where stress is an aggravating factor.”

David then goes on to explain how you can do the whole visualisation process and even gives some specific suggestions for individual conditions at the back of the book.  Many of these are incredibly similar to the sorts of things you would receive and hear in a hypnotherapy session or visualisation recording.  This book helps to give you the common sense grounding behind a seemingly ‘airy fairy’ subject.

Your own healing doesn’t just involve your physical body, but your mind, your intention and focus, even your emotional state too.

If you haven’t got your copy yet but feel inspired to read more: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body



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  1. Sarita says:

    I have just started meditating and chakra balancing. Though I have reached certain insights, i feel there are many negative beliefs and self talk that keep pulling me back. Just looking for a way to replace the negativity with balooning positivity PERMANENTLY. I dont want anything in particular on manifestation , only being at peace with myself!!

  2. Sarita says:

    Thanks for your free tips. I hope i benefit from them. I am desparately seeking to at peace within myself

  3. davina says:

    HI Sarita – I would concentrate on finding a tiny sense of that peace you want, within yourself. It is already there, imagine it as a tiny speck of a coloured light that feels good for you and then slowly see it growing and feeling warm and soothing until it fills your entire body. Don’t rush or force it and you should be pleasantly surprised at how soon you will feel the difference

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