Powerful Past Life Memories

Here’s a short excerpt from one of my own personal past life regression experiences taken from “Past Lives: Incredible Past Life Experiences”

“Frozen with Fear – I Just Can’t Look

Experiencing a past life is usually pretty profound, even if it can be profound for very different reasons. Some are energising, some are unravelling, some can bring up some intense feelings and memories. One particular one, I was frozen with fear and cried and cried and cried….

The point at which I entered this past life, was not at the death point, it was a little before that. Having begun in the usual way, I was asked to concentrate on how my body was feeling and notice any sensations that weren’t there when we started.

I’d moved my hands and arms up over my eyes, even though I was already lying on the floor and had my eyes shut. Initially I found it really hard to speak, I would just gently shake my head from side to side as if saying no…no…

The sadness and terror I felt was intense, it was as if I was frozen.

“I just can’t look…. I just can’t look.”

It was apparent to my tutor and guide that we were not going to be able to pursue this point just yet. When feelings or emotions are too strong, we will dissociate from that experience, get more understanding of the situation and then go back and face it with more understanding and find out what the person needs to be able to go through the event.

I was asked to go back a little and explain what was going on, prior to this event that I found too painful to look at.


The scene I described and saw was one of complete carnage. Huts were burning and were dilapidated, fires were burning, cooking pots were knocked over, a few animals ran loose. But worst of all there were bodies, bodies and bits of bodies scattered and dropped to the floor where they were attacked”.

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