Past Life Regression

My Own Past Life Experiences

Excerpt from the book: Past Lives – Incredible Past Life Experiences

Final past life coverMy experiences of the existence of past lives has never been purely for entertainment purposes. I have loved being able to touch my spirit and that of others. Within all of us, lies the potential to access ancient memories, times long past. I do believe that the body holds onto such memories, even if we don’t consciously know how.

There is an intelligence in every single cell of your body. The mind is not the brain, it includes the brain but it is not limited to it. The brain is the physical organ, the mind is less tangible. It expands further than we think and communicates in ways I believe we have yet to master or fully understand.

There may be things in this life that just don’t make sense to you, a recurring thought or dream that seems to bare no relevance to your current life. Sometimes specific aches, pains and physical imbalances may not be confined to an event in this current lifetime you are experiencing. If that is the case for you, you will know it in your heart and in your gut as you read these words. Using the sensations and feeling ability of the body is one of the ways we access these deeply held memories, thoughts and beliefs. It’s as if they are frozen in time, crystallised if you like, especially if they are associated with strong emotions and events of the time.

The emotions, thoughts and beliefs at the time of death are particularly important and telling. Just as the consciousness of a baby responds to life and sounds outside of the womb before birth so does our consciousness at the point of death and beyond.

As the soul then lives lifetime after lifetime, these strong residual memories can also be recreated; a chronic throat condition may relate to a previous hanging or strangulation. They may not make much sense in your modern day context but can be holding you back from living a peaceful life. An irrational fear of water might suggest a previous experience of drowning.

These memories can be brought into our conscious awareness by different emotional states; by depression or anxiety, stress and phobias, even recurring relationship difficulties, nightmares and obsessions. I certainly found this to be true not only for myself but in others too.

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