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“I have been shocked, elated, stunned and at times frozen with fear
These are my experiences, never anyone famous, just real experiences of past lives, usually with some pertinent reminder or similarity with events in my current life.
Can I prove the existence of past lives, no am I going to try, no – this is just a simple sharing about the things I have, seen and felt. Believe me I am no actress and no prima donna, in fact I hate fuss and bother of any kind, had I known I was going to be reeling about convinced I was in pain or crying so much in front of a crowd of fellow students I probably would never have signed up for the course. But a part of me wanted to know. ¬†And believing in the philosophy of better out than in I knew I wanted to know more. Being a bit of a natural sceptic I also knew I would only truly believe if I experienced things for myself rather than just being told by someone that I might have been an admiral, or Joan of Arc or some such person in a previous life”.

Read a short excerpt from the book here: Past Life Regression

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Reader Reviews:


Stumbled upon this little gem and wow am I glad I did!

Fantastic insight and thrilling to read. Definitely left me wanting to know more. It’s honest and heartfelt, I found the scenes easy to imagine and loved how she made sense of things.

Great to have the two aspects of therapist and client. Highly recommend this if you’re at all interested in past lives”.

“Unique and thought provoking

Amazon recommended I look at this (as I’m researching for a new project), and so I took a shot.
Glad I did – this is incredibly unique. A book of memoirs and thoughts from Davina into the field of past lives. It’s interesting to read about her experiences in such a candid and open way.

Science and spirituality hardly ever mix, so this is nice to see the POV of both therapist and client.

I found this perfect for my project, and I learnt a lot about the lives we lead, the choices we make and how they effect others”.



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