In the Aura is everything you have been, everything you are and all that you will be!

I hope you find this site interesting and are inspired to find out more. I am very practical and logical in my approach, despite the  spiritual subject.  I don’t believe we should dissociate from either part of ourselves – the physical or the spiritual- it is about integrating both aspects into our daily lives. Then we find it far easier to flow with life and the changes it brings.

I welcome your questions and comments.

Here are links to  video clips taken
whilst I was giving a public demonstration of

Reading the Aura using some
of the latest technology.

In this first clip you join me in the middle of the introduction & apologies for the poor quality, it is an amateur recording but is interesting even so.

You will see I have immense fun with this machine and I often comment how easy it is to demonstrate how our thoughts directly affect our aura. One of the best ways I have found, is to threaten the person that I will tell them a naughty joke – just the simple threat of doing such a thing sends a rush of energy to the base chakra which will usually enlarge, flash or shoot the color red around the aura. This lovely lady was no exception – infact she did it right on cue!

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  1. Heather says:

    You are awesome! Thank you for your guidance and for answering all of my many questions about the human energy field.
    It has been amazing and healing for me and my husband to receive a personal energy/aura readings from you. I hope that more people start to explore there own personal energy and the mind/body connection.
    You are giving people the information needed to self heal. This is a true blessing.
    Thank you for sharing your gift-

  2. davina says:

    Thank you Heather. It has been a pleasure. We are all capable of so much.

    I hope you enjoy discovering more about our energy – as much as I have!

    There is so much we can do, in very simple ways that can bring us back to balance.

    In balance, the body can heal itself so much easier.

  3. linda logan says:

    Thank you for your help, your tape on relaxation is brilliant, and the more you listen, the better it works, and also the tape to help you get to sleep is also a winner, it puts you in a relaxed and comfortable frame of mind, you are also very caring and give me advice, this is much more than just a website, I would recommend anyone to join as you take the time to answer peoples’ queries and worries, and learning about the chakras, and the free report is very good.
    Thanks again

  4. davina says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. It is a pleasure to share this with you. I always feel it is a privilege working with the energy of the human spirit. There is so much we can do to help ourselves, we have so many untapped resources within us and around us. Sometimes we just need someone else to help us find them!

  5. Rudi says:

    Thank you for being such a wise and loving woman that has the gift to free peoples spirits in to the joy of living life as we should, you are truly blessed

  6. yvonne says:

    hello divina. i really enjoy your website and found it easy to connect to your information its true you come across as being down to earth and most reliable.i wanted to ask u if u know of a good protecting a quite young child i was sexually abused by my i get kind of paranoid in certain situations.i am female 63yrs happly married 4 children 6grandchildren.british born since 1963 live in israel.

  7. davina says:

    Dear Yvonne. Thank you for the nice comment & I am glad you like the site. There is a free chakra balancing course I have put together on you are most welcome to that – every week I cover one of the seven main chakras and then I cover the aura – which includes a simple but effective protecting exercise. I have copied some of that here, so you can start using it right away and as my suggestion for your own personal circumstances I would use either the most brilliant white you can imagine or a lovely bright turquoise blue and you may want to seal in this colour with either the silver seal I mention below or imagine it as a mirror seal – so that only loving and peaceful energy can come into your aura and anything else is reflected back out and the universal energy will take care of it.

    “For a complete energy balance you would want to spend time on each chakra and then see the energy around you as well. Imagine it as a sphere surrounding you. You can fill that with beautiful light energy. Many people use green or blue, especially if you want extra physical healing.

    If you feel you want more emotional healing I would suggest bringing in the colour orange to your entire aura and energy field, followed by blue if it feels right for you.

    If it is more mental clarity you are after, bring in the colour yellow, as bright as the sun. The alternative would be to bring in indigo or a mixture of both.

    For a sense of spiritual energy, I would use a beautiful turquoise blue shade, or gold or white.

    If you feel you need a physical boost bring in a bright and vibrant red.

    The best way is to get yourself in a relaxed state and you will instinctively know what colour is right for you, but the colours I mention above you could use as a guide.

    When visualising the colours, you feel you need, either imagine that colour as a small speck somewhere within your body, then watch it grow and grow, becoming brighter, bolder and stronger all the time, until it fills every inch of you. Then, see it push through the skin and out into the energy field, filling your entire aura. If you feel you need to, you can seal that colour in, with a silver edge. This can help strengthen the effect. (This is especially good to do if you are in a situation where you feel nervous or vulnerable or a public place, where you want to protect your energy.)

    Alternatively, you could imagine the colours shining down on you, pouring in through the top of your head, filling your entire body, watch it go down through your arms, to your fingers, down your torso, into your legs, ankles, feet and toes. Make sure it fills every inch of you. Then as above let it push out into your aura and seal it in”.

    See how you go with this . If you have any problems visualising this on your own let me know and I will make a proper recording of it – as I am sure it will be of use to lots of people.
    Fondest Regards

  8. Gloria says:

    Davina Thank you for your useful info. I want to know what I am doing or not doing no matter what kind of meditation I try or do I have never been able to visualize ( if instructed to visualize the color red in or around my body… I draw blank, nothing ) if they say see yourself at the beach, walk into the water …. nothing. What is wrong with me? I also do not feel much of anything ( Joy! I feel flat, sort of joyless not many things bring me the feelings of joy. I am exhausted to the point of being drained of all energy. Tests don’t show anything wrong so I am thinking it is emotional. I mediate and I work on my chakras even though I don’t feel what everyone else seems to feel or experience.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  9. davina says:

    Gloria – I am being prompted to start a new program in the New Year – working with energy, and helping people really get in touch with their own energy in a very practical way – with more direct contact/communication with me – working towards bringing more of our authentic selves into our modern daily lives. Our authentic self is that part of us that reconnects us with joy and happiness and the lightness of our spirit – all done without the need to become a ‘fluffy bunny’ and dissociate from current daily life! There is so much to cover. However for now, often we try too hard and expect to experience what others do or say they do – RELAX – there is nothing wrong with you. In fact you may be trying too hard and are forcing the flow, which has the same effect as stopping it. You may not be too experienced at visualisation, but it can and does improve, so don’t worry. Maybe you will respond better to the other channels – sound and touch. Although you may not be able to hold the image of red for example, you obviously can visualise it for a second or two – what may be the problem, is you don’t know how to visualise the colour within you. That sort of visualisation may not suit you. When you work with your energy – it only matters what works for you – what we need to do is to start to determine what sorts of things DO work. Let’s try sound, put on some different types of music – some angelic, some classical – play it loud in a room on your own, close your eyes, feel the music – see where if anywhere in your body you notice the music – how does it make you feel – you could even try emotional, love songs, to see if they trigger an emotional reaction – we don’t just listen with our ears – it sounds silly – but until you actually try these things, you have no bench mark. If you have the time, I would also listen to the music with some paints and paper infront of you – just pick a colour that you think the music sounds like – (I love this as I love to paint – and my music is often very loud!) – I know this is not our usual way of thinking – but music, colour and painting all work with the same side of the brain as the energy work. What you may find is that, for whatever reason you have not had to use that part of you quite so much and it just needs a nudge to release itself.

  10. clive says:

    hi – I am a 45 year old bloke recovering from heavy adrenal burnout. as part of my rehab I am going to study the aura concept & basically work on my own aura. i am taking essentially an approach involving light exercise outdoors (jogging) & avoiding sources of stress. I look forward to discovering this stuff – I heard about it from a friend who got back from california & was going on about his aura etc – as a joke. Evidently there is more to it than that. thanks for the website -clive.

  11. davina says:

    Hi Clive. You’re right – there is more to it – and to us! Thanks for the nice comment.
    If you are interested there is a free chakra balancing course available at:

    It deals with one of the seven main chakras each week and gives you ideas on what sort of things suggest out of balance and then ways to bring balance back. The last week then deals with the aura as a whole.

  12. Jane Brennan says:

    I have had both myself and my husband’s auras down by Davina and am blown away with the comments she has given me. As she herself says it won’t all fit exactly but is so accurate to such a high percentage you cannot help but be intrigued with the whole subject. The amount of detail given and the promptness of Davina’s replies really are fantastic, especially when she must be inundated with people wanting a response from her.I am thorougly enjoying all the emails that are sent and am working my way through the book. The meditation cd’s are fantastic too and I’m sleeping far better,though I know that’s not the point in them. All of this has had a profound effect on me and I fully intend learning all I can.

  13. Jeffrey says:

    Hey Davina, Jeff here i had a question about having more then one aura and if it where possible? i was told by a friend that mine was gold and purple

    hope to hear back


  14. davina says:

    It’s not so much more than one aura – but more than one colour within the aura is perfectly possible and more than likely. There is usually a mixture of the colours, we tend to talk of aura colours as just being one colour – only because it makes it easier to talk about the attributes of each colour, but just as we are all individuals – we will all have our own mix of colours within the aura.

  15. Trudie says:

    Hello Davina, I am doing an assignment for my metaphysics 2500 word however I am having trouble understanding the topic. ” The Aura is the sum of who I am” is the topic, can you give me an understanding of what the meaning of this to
    Ic is please. My belief is that our chakras are connected to our auras. Please can you point me in the right direction

  16. davina says:

    Hi Trudie – our chakras’ feed’ the aura if you like – the chakras help to draw in and expel out the energy that makes up the aura. They also connect to seven layers within the aura.
    There are a few articles I’ve written, here on the site – start with this one: The aura holds energetic elements of every experience and essence about you – it is not just outside the body it is within and around the body – so it includes every organ and cell in your body and extends into the energetic layers around you. – so it is the sum of you – every thing that makes you up – your past, your present and to an extent your future – as your future is created by the thoughts you hold- and those thoughts become words and actions – hence reality. Hope this helps, read the articles and make sure you download the free report – feel free to ask any more questions. 🙂

  17. Luis says:

    Davina I’ve just finished with the Aura cleansing meditation. I was feeling so sad and confused because of a recent loss in my family and also breaking up with my 3 yrs. partner.
    When the meditation finished, I started laughing. Just out of nowhere. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt like.

    Thank you so much!

    Oceans of love

  18. davina says:

    Hi Luis. Wow – I am so glad you found it beneficial. So much of what we experience in this life can be quite painful. Energy work can help on so many levels – it may not ‘fix’ the problem but it will put us in a much better place to be able to deal with things.
    It is so easy to get out of touch with our spirit in our modern world. The spirit knows only love and is always with us and it’s through simple meditations like this that we can really feel that love. It makes my heart sing to share this love, from my spirit to yours.

  19. Rom says:

    Keen to learn about Aura. Hope you will help.
    Rom Wicks.

  20. davina says:

    Glad to be of help, I’m still learning about them too 🙂

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