The Tarot Reflects Our Levels of Consciousness

“It’s not that the Tarot Cards are answering our problems and questions, rather the images call out to our own inner wisdom and awareness which is what we can choose to listen to or ignore. The cards speak from the heart and to the heart, well they will, if that’s your intention when using them. Otherwise they are pretty pictures to enjoy. Sceptics and those using the tarot for idle pleasure will rarely see more than they look for, those wanting to know themselves and life on a more profound level will inevitably discover more.

The journey through the cards echoes the things we encounter in our external daily lives but it is always showing us the inner world within. It’s this inner world which is creating these external factors not the other way around, the external chaos isn’t causing inner turmoil for example, the inner turmoil (that we try to ignore in a myriad of ways) is what’s causing the external chaos.

When you dig beyond the surface, you’ll see how the cards relate to our consciousness, what it means to be alive and how the life breath flows through us, and our experience of life is portrayed within the journey of the cards.

The Tarot connects to us on many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; the significance and message for each of us can be very different even though we draw the same card, as it depends what is going on in your own life at the time. One person might resonate with the spiritual or emotional message and another might be experiencing a physical, real world dilemma that they need more practical advice about. This is why the meanings can seem almost contradictory or vague at times but as the cards sit beside each other the true story and bigger picture unfolds.

Some of the major cards denote times of change and transition, others reflect different aspects of our personalities. At times we display various traits or characteristics depending on the situation; the major cards will reflect which traits are being used and which ones can be utilised more to deal with whatever is happening. For example The Emperor has the attribute of authority so the person drawing the card may be taking the lead and guiding a situation or they may need to take authority, and take matters into their own hands to ensure it is effectively dealt with.

The cards are visually loaded to directly converse with your subconscious mind and the more that you work with them, the more you will see and feel. When someone sits in front of you, their personal story and journey can also become clear, you will find yourself saying things that you haven’t formally ‘learnt’ yet they feel right. Your reading of the cards evolves, as we all do”.

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