The Aura And The Chakras

seven chakras

The word chakra is the name generally given to the main energy centres within the bodys’ energetic field or aura. There are a great many but we will concentrate on the accepted main seven. These are, starting from the base of the spine, up to the top of the head; The Base Chakra The Sacral […] Read more »

Aura Colours – Basic Meanings

Whenever you are involved with reading auras, you cannot help but employ your intuition but for that to be accurate and of real use to people it is important to have a basic understanding and appreciation of what the colours mean. These meanings have evolved over many years, we naturally align certain attributes and aspects […] Read more »

What’s In Your Aura? Aura Colours Meanings

I was asked to give a presentation last night about the Aura and the sorts of things I see and feel. How I interpret the information and to give some visual evidence of crystals and healing. This short video was taken during the introduction – and you join me mid flow – so apologies for […] Read more »

Colors of The Chakras Video

In this video I briefly introduce the seven main Chakras and their colors. I also give an insight into my interpretations of those colors and why it is important for us to appreciate their significance and meaning. Similar Interest Crystal Healing and the Chakras Chakra Healing Technique – Energize Your Life Today! | What Is […] Read more »