The Green Aura – The Meaning of the Green Aura Colour

the green aura book coverMaybe you instinctively know you have a green aura, or you might have been told that’s how it appears to others; maybe you’ve even had an aura photograph taken and want to know more about the significance and meaning. Having read auras for lots of people and worked with some modern aura technology, it has become apparent that there are certain elements and aspects that fit with each different aura colour. One of the ones I got asked about most was green.

Green is a wonderful colour and has a loving and natural tone, it is embracing and encompassing, nurturing and supportive; it is the colour of life and love. As with any aura colour, there is the potential of the positive attributes as well as the negative ones. These are ‘seen’ in the shade, tone and feel of the aura in this book we concentrate on the core characteristics of the Green Aura and the 2 main shades; Bright Green and Deep Green.


green aura book contentsThe Green Aura – The Meaning of The Green Aura Colour is available on Amazon Kindle and includes some recorded visualisations.

Reader Reviews:

Extremely Helpful & Positively Packed Full of Useful Information

“In “The Green Aura” the book really provides the reader with a boundless source of knowledge of the green aura, specifically the bright green aura and the deep green aura. For me, I am a deep green, given to… a deep thirst for knowledge, a specific purpose in life, sharing my knowledge with others and a mind that seems to always be working whether I truly want it to or not. The book offered me so much advice and insight into my health & well-being based upon my aura that I was unaware of until now. I think having the understanding that I need to find ways to relax my overworked mind that don’t work on the “meditation” side is particularly useful as I at times can’t turn off my mind no matter what I do. Rather than meditation, the book offered a different alternative in the theme of guided visualizations that allow my body/mind to relax, but keeps my mind entertained all the while”.

Impressive!! A WEALTH of Information for the Spiritual Seeker!

Masterfully written, The Green Aura is a treasure chest of knowledge for the spiritual seeker who has a thirst for knowledge, and a brilliant tool to use for self-evaluation that would be essential to leading a balanced life. Insightful and Inspirational. Even if you don’t know what color your aura is, it is still an excellent read and a great resource for those researching auras. I will guarantee if you are not a Green aura person you know someone who is! Yet, Another Valuable Resource from an excellent author in the field! I look forward to more books detailing other major aura colors!


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